Mar 31, 2009

Eli's Story

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Warning: this story is not for the week stomached.
Last week as Gabriel was getting ready for bed he told me that he tummy hurt. I said "well go to bed and you'll feel better". About an hour later I woke up to a silent Gabe staring at me with puke all over his shirt. He puked in his bed.
Today, Eli was on his way out the door for school and he said his tummy hurt. I asked a few questions about how his tummy hurt, he seemed fine so I ushered him out the door. Sure enough, around noon the phone rang and the school nurse said that he was complaining of a tummy ache. I picked him up and proceeded to drag him to Chickfila for me to grab a sandwich, Gabe's school to pick him up and then on to Costco. He was dragging though Costco but obediently followed along as I finished my grocery shopping. All went well until we stepped foot out of Costco and Eli threw up all over in the parking lot. We were actually on the main part of the road where everyone has to walk in order to get into Costco, so I felt really bad for all the people who witnessed the act of or the product of Eli expelling his lunch onto the parking lot median.
What is my lesson to be learned here? Believe them. My kids never feign illness. If they say they are not feeling well, they usually end up with something within a few hours. I don't know why I didn't believe them. Lesson learned, in the future I will take their self-assessment to heart!
On a puking side note: I was so proud of Gabe the night that he was sick. After the first episode, I put a trash can by his bed and wouldn't you know, it the pitch black of night that child found the trash can every time. Not a speck of puke anywhere else. After his shower the next morning he looked at me, with his eyes really big and pointed to his cheeks. It only took a second to understand what he was trying to tell me. I quickly grabbed something for him to vomit in and all was good. That is some serious holding power! I never thought I would be so proud of my child for puking in a designated area!

Mar 27, 2009

Random things to Share

I have a German phrase-a-day calendar. A few days ago the phrase was "Ich gehe einkaufen" which means "I am going shopping". This made me very happy. Not only because it is a handy phrase, although I usually say that to my boys, Matt, or friends and they all speak English, but also because some of recent phrases were not very useful like "I like to wear pants" and "my husband works in the garden".

Matt downloads a kazillian gigawats or terabyts or whatever of random things on-line. This drives me crazy because he always ends up downloading something that causes me greif. A while back he downloaded some program that insists upon openning every time I plug in my camera. This would be handy if anyone used that program but we don't so it is just irritating. During his recent downloading frenzy he picked up a ridiculous virus that killed our computer. I'm currently using the 6 year old laptop, and I'm cranky about it.

I marked my calendar for my first house guests in Germany! I can't believe it. We are not even there yet and I already have guests! My sister found a pretty good deal on flights for November. This will make leaving in the summer a little easier.

I think my ipod touch is Republican. Every time I type the letters g-o it suggests that the word I want to use is GOP - seriously in all caps. Nevermind the many other words that start with "go" that would actually be used in text messages like "going" "good" "got" or just plain go.

2 Corinthians 1:21 "Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He announted us, set his seal of ownership on us; and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come."

Mar 24, 2009

Breaking my Heart

I post about Gabriel a lot because he and I tend to have the most entertaining and deep thinking conversations. Today, he asked where God lived, yesterday he told me he threw up because he held his poop in too long, and the day before that we discussed how fish sleep. I truly enjoy most of my conversations with Gabe, however, lately many of his topics have turned from fun and thoughtful to sad and depressing. Over the past few weeks, many of his conversations have been about Germany.
It started easy enough: "Can I bring some of my toys to Germany?" I explained that we can bring all of our toys and all of our furniture. He was satisfied with the answer and continued playing. The next day, he asked if he could pick out some movies to bring to Germany. I said "sure" and he quickly responded "OK, I'll go get them". Luckily, I caught him before he started packing. He has worried about not being able to speak German, if we will move before he goes on his school field trip, and if Germany will have a beach. I keep telling him that our move is far away and he shouldn't worry about any of this yet, but it seems that it is weighing heavily on his mind.
These questions are all pretty easy to answer, but it is the talk about what we are leaving behind that breaks my heart. As we sat down for lunch a few days ago, Gabe told me that he was going to miss his friends from church and wanted to know if he would have a chance to go back to church and say "goodbye". Today as we walked over to Carter's house he asked if he would get to say "goodbye" to him and later he asked me to take pictures of our house so that he can remember it when we are gone.
I am worried about how Gabriel will adjust to saying goodbye and starting a new life in Germany. My heart was already breaking about my own upcoming goodbyes, and now as I see Gabe's worry and sadness I feel so bad about how his little world is about to change.
Please pray for our boys!

Mar 14, 2009

One down . . .

My friend Katie came to visit this past week. We had a great time together, mostly chatting. We talked over meals, on walks, while picking up and dropping of the boys, over late night cups of tea, exercising, and everything in between. It was great to catch up on the past, dream about the future, and get ideas on everything from potty training and recipes to gifts and vacation plans. Katie is such a great friend and I treasure our time together.
Everything was going well until about 5pm on Friday when we were on our way to the airport. Since I left Clarksville about 4 years ago, Katie and I have seen each other about twice a year. I've made my way to TN or Alabama to see her and she's come out here a few times for a visit. Every time we say goodbye we are sad to leave, but confident that we'll see each other in a few months. This time was different. Her schedule is packed between now and the end of May, and after that I'll be consumed with getting things ready for the move. This was the last time we would see each other before I leave the States, and quite possibly the last time we see each other for a very long time.
We wept openly and hysterically at the airport. The police officers that keep cars moving at the departures curb walked by us a few times afraid (I think) to say a word. We cried about how Eli and Gabe are going to be so big in 3 years, and how I won't get to meet her baby until it is no longer a baby. We cried about the time difference between TN and Germany and we cried about how much we will miss each other. We encouraged each other the best we could, and in a moment of peace and just plain running out of energy to cry we let each other go.
As I drove away, trying to get a grip on my emotions, I realized this is one "goodbye" down with many more to go.

Mar 8, 2009

Donde esta el Blog?

You didn't take a wrong turn on the internet, I renamed this blog Geschichtenerzahlin. The address is the same, just a new name. Just like when the furniture store goes out of business and then the next day is back in business under a new name and selling the same furniture. Except, I don't sell anything.
My friend Rachael asked me tonight "what are you going to do with your blogs when you move?" Excellent question.
I thought I would just start using the Germany blog when we move, but then I would lose all the past postings and comments from this blog and that just seemed a little sad. So, I decided to keep the same web address, change the name, and delete the other blog.
All in a day's work.

Mar 3, 2009

We've got to get organized!

Matt's cousin Gabe and his wife Zuleika stopped by our house today. They just arrived in Northern Virginia after spending the last week driving from Washington. Gabe will be stationed at the Navy Annex outside of DC for the next 2 years. We are so excited that Gabe and Zuleika will be living about 20 minutes away, at least for the next few months.
As I was gathering some things together to make life a little more comfortable for them as they wait for their household goods (aero bed, sheets, and towels) my Gabe struck up this conversation:

G: Mom, we've got to get organized.
C: Ok, what do we need to organize?
G: We need to organize what to call the big Gabe and what to call me.
C: Well I think we will be able to figure it out.
G: How about the other one be called "Gabe" and I'll be called Gabriel.
C: That works for me.

We informed Gabe, the original, of the plan, gave them the supplies and said our "goodbyes".
Gabe said "goodbye Gabriel"
Gabriel smiled a huge smile and said "Goodbye Gaaaabe".

Gabriel thinks it is so cool that Gabe shared his name with Gabriel!