Dec 24, 2013

Ready or Not Here I Come!

I've learned a valuable lesson this year.
Christ came for those who were waiting and ready for him to arrive and for those who were not.
This advent season, I have been one of those "not".
Perhaps like many Israelites long ago, in the back of my mind I knew Christmas was coming but I didn't spend much of my time preparing.
Christmas will come whether I shared an advent story with my family each night, whether gifts arrive on time or not, whether my heart is ready or not, Christmas will come.
The joy of Christ is that his blessings are not only bestowed on those who were watching and waiting, they are bestowed on all who receive.
My advent didn't quite go as planned but it doesn't matter, Christ came ready or not.

Please enjoy this video and listen to the lyrics.

"A Hallelujah Christmas" By Cloverton

Merry Christmas.