May 5, 2015

The Shrimp Hits the Fan

Food Allergies. Another one of my nemesis.
One 10 year old kid is allergic to shrimp and so the other 29 kids go without.
Gabe has a field trip to a ballet this week. His teacher thought it would be fun for the kids to dress up and have a "fancy snack" party afterward.
This sounds easy enough until the rules come into play.
I sign up for a savory snack. I'm thinking little fancy sandwiches or something dainty and displayed fancy.
But then I find out all food items have to be store bought. Ok fine.
Shrimp cocktail. That can be store bought and dressed up to look like a million dollars.
Oh but one kid is allergic to shrimp so I'm off to plan D or E I lost track.
I was so irritated when I got the na-ga-da email it truly threatened the joy out of my day.
I emailed the contact person and said "hey these kids are 4th graders can we just tell the allergic kid to skip the shrimp in the buffet and make the other kids promise not to throw or rub shrimp on the kid?"
Apparently not.
I wanted to email back and suggest that nobody be allowed to bring anything with cheese, dairy, gluten, bananas (surprising how many people get itchy mouths over banana consumption), nuts or any thing made in a plant or packaged in a plant that also deals with nuts, no GMO's, no high fructose corn syrup, artificial color, flavoring or packages that contain CFCs, no eggs or chicken product, no ham (out of respect for Jews and Muslims) and nothing that contains a word I cannot define or pronounce.
I refrained from sending the email but I was so cranky the rest of the day.
All because the shrimp hit the fan.

So I wonder...does this kid not ever go into a restraunt that serves shrimp?

I updated my savory item to organic rice cakes. Enjoy.