Feb 28, 2008

The Nap

Tuesday night I had a horrible night's rest. I went to bed late, woke up numerous times throughout the night, and was just wide awake from about 3:30 to 5:30am. My alarm went off Wednesday morning and my first thought was "I need coffee". It was a MOPS morning so I was rushing Eli off to school and heading straight to MOPS, while Matt took care of getting Gabriel to school. I arrived at MOPS in record time, only to find out they didn't have coffee. Not cool.
I was scheduled to work in childcare on Wednesday which entails watching 18 crying, runny nosed, walkers and trying my best to keep 18 sippy cups associated with the right child and roaming around the room trying to find the culprit of dirty diapers. So I had to me on my toes ready for anything these kids were going to throw at me. There were 5 adults and 18 kids - the adults won but only by a small margin. By the end of the meeting I was wiped out.
After the meeting I stopped for lunch with a friend and then picked up Gabriel from school. On the way home I explained to him that mommy was really tired today and we were going to take a nap together. We laid down, I set the alarm, and off to dreamland we went. The alarm went off at 3pm, giving me plenty of time to wake up Gabriel and get to Eli's school before he was released at 3:30. It was all fun and games until I turned off the alarm and thought about how tired I still was.
In a jolt my eyes opened and I saw "3:35" in blazing red staring back at me. In one fluid motion I jumped out of bed, grabbed Gabriel, snatched a pair of slip-on shoes and grabbed a coat. I ran down the stairs, buckled Gabe in his seat and flew out of the garage. I hit red lights, there was traffic, I was panicking, and all the while trying to rationalize how I may actually make it there before anyone realizes I was late. After sitting at the light right across from the entrance to Eli's school for about 18 hours I realized it was 3:48, no kids were in sight anywhere at school, the buses were gone, the cars gone, and Eli was definitely going to notice that I was late!
I pulled into the parking lot and looked back at Gabriel, he was still sleeping, so I locked the car and ran into the office. There he was sitting on a chair in his full winter regalia reading a book. I looked at his little face and mouthed the words "I'm sorry". I dropped to my knees in front of him and gave him a big hug, I kissed his cheek and said "I am so sorry mommy is late, I got stuck". The office staff must have seen the look of total failure on my face and none of them asked me to sign him out or even acknowledged my extreme tardiness. As we were walking out of the office Eli was holding my hand and looked up at me. "mom, what do you mean you got stuck? Like stuck in the grass?" Once in the car I explained that I wasn't stuck in the grass, more like stuck in the middle of a nap and ran late! He said "oh, can I have a snack when we get home?"
The experience was slightly traumatic . . . but that was a really good nap!

Feb 21, 2008

News of the Day

Both of the Safeway grocery stores closest to my house stopped carrying Tillamook Cheeses. Safeway was the only store in this area that carried my cheese. I doubt I need to say anything more on this subject.

3 miles. One of my resolutions for 2008 was to run, not walk, 3 miles at a 10-11 mile per minute pace. Today I accomplished that goal! I ran on the treadmill on a flat "road" and felt really good while running and even afterwards. I almost cried because I actually did it! For all of you "runners" this may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but for me, a complete non-runner, it really was. I'm pretty sure I could have continued running if it were not for the fact that I had my mind set on 3 miles. Up until today I was just sure 6mph (about a 10 minute pace) was the fastest my legs could take me, but I found that 6.5 mph isn't that much different at all and it gets me done just a bit faster!
I plan to keep running every week and hopefully I'll pick up the pace a little and eventually add some more distance to the run.

Feb 19, 2008

Bonefish Grill

My new favorite restaurant (not counting Round Table - its in a different category) is hands down Bonefish Grill.
I have seen the restaurant a few times over the past few years but have never even bothered to find out what it was about and what type of food they served. Until, Matt took me there for my birthday in November. I was so nervous because it is a seafood restaurant and I haven't ordered fish in a restaurant since we left Hawaii. The waitress assured me that the fish was fresh and cooked to perfection. I trusted her, and I am so glad I did! Fast forward to last night, Matt and I had a babysitter come over so that we could go out, and we chose to go back to Bonefish Grill. It was just as good as the first visit.
They serve tasty bread to start off the meal that you dip in this really great olive oil and pesto dip (yum) and I liked the Caeser salad and was just completely impressed and totally satisfied with the grilled Mahi Mahi. Matt was equally impressed with the corn chowder and the two different main dishes that he has tried.
It is a pretty casual restaurant but with cloth napkins. That is our date standard, a restaurant has to have cloth napkins in order for Matt and I to use a date night to eat there. If they have paper napkins, balloons, vinyl table cloths, or "flare" requirements in the uniform, we bring the kids. So anyway, you could easily wear jeans but you could also dress up a little and fit right in.
I hope you get a chance to enjoy Bonefish!

Feb 18, 2008

Let there be Baseball!

This morning as I was heading out to the gym, I threw on a light jacket and prepared to freeze as I raced out to the car. No racing necessary it was actually warm, in fact semi-humid and nearly hot! What can this weather mean? Well there is the whole global warming thing, but I was talking about what does this mean in my little world? Baseball - is just around the corner.
This year we are heading to NYC to watch the Mets play in Shae stadium, I'm sure we'll catch some games here in DC, and as soon as the Xbox 360 MLB 2K8 comes out Matt will be "playing" baseball every night in our house. We have fantasy baseball leagues, Eli starts t-ball next month, and Matt's brother is playing for the Arizona Wildcats this year, so naturally we have a Pac-10 team to root for. I have always liked baseball, but over the last few years I'm actually becoming more and more interested in the sport, which is a good thing since I am quickly being surrounded by it.
I love to watch a game in person, ( TV just doesn't work for me) and I really to enjoy paying too much for stadium snacks, fan watching, and singing "Sweet Caroline" with 20,000 strangers at the bottom of the 8th! I have to say, I'm actually looking forward to baseball!

Feb 5, 2008


Today I had a verbal altercation with Mio (my GPS). She often gets confused in the Springfield interchange, so I've learned to accept that as a fault and move on. However, today it wasn't just the interchange it was everything! She led me to exit 9 on 395 North which doesn't exist (I needed 8 C but didn't realize it until I passed it) then she continued to try and turn me around via one way streets and airport access roads. I ignored her and just tried to stay calm during the 10 minute delay. Apparently, she was having a bad day because on the way home, she was completely confused. I think she should have just admitted she was lost instead of continuing with her snotty little "route recalculation" comments as if I did something to cause her to recalculate. She thought I was on a main road and kept trying to get me to turn every which way when really I was on the freeway and just needed to keep going straight for 8.6 miles! She really should have known better because I was simply going home, a route she should completely have down by now. After yelling at her and finally telling her to shut up, I turned her off.
Later, I picked up Gabriel from school and he told me we were going to see Mickey Mouse's house.
"Really" I replied, "where does he live?" I was completely expecting the "Disney World" response but instead . . . . he responded "you have to use your G P S". Silly guy didn't realize I was in a fight with Mio and was not ready to admit I might actually needed her!
Just a few minutes later, Gabriel asked if we needed to use the GPS in order to get to where God lived. After a second I explained "No, Gabriel we definitely DO NOT need a GPS to find God, he is right there every time you call. If you don't call on him you may make a few wrong turns while you are searching, but as long as you call on him, he will lead you along the way."
I learned some lessons today. First, I need to seek help for my GPS rage and learn to have a little more patience with my little electronic helper. Second, Gabriel probably won't remember life without a GPS! I need to teach him the ancient art of map reading before the skill becomes extinct. And finally, just about anything can become a valuable teaching tool for little guys' Gabe's age.

Feb 2, 2008

Just in case you ever wonder . . . .

After three months of waiting, today we finally found out how much it cost to get a ride from Baltimore to Washington DC via non-emergency medical transport. Apparently the ride, the driver, the RN and paramedic cost $2328.00!
Insurance should cover it, but in the meantime the little bill is a nice reminder of how blessed we are to have good medical coverage, and that we haven't had too many trips via medical transport!