Apr 16, 2014

Save the Box

We save so many boxes it is ridiculous.  Ridiculous I say.
So many boxes that we bought an apparatus to hang in the garage to hold a ton of empty boxes.  
I can't stand it.
But it is true that each time we move it comes in quite handy to have original boxes for things like computers, tv's, bike trainer, fragile decorative stuff and who knows what else. 
It is also quite handy to be able to return items to the store in the original box if after a few months the item breaks.
It is not a good idea to throw caution to the wind and throw away a box once a tv repair guy says your tv is kaput and needs to head to the recycler.
Here's to the hopes that I can still get my new tv even though I just threw away the box 10 days ago.

I'm lame.
Yes Matt you "told me so".

Apr 15, 2014

Wow.  It has been a crazy, busy, two weeks.  Let me break it down for you:

The TV died, Matt left, Matt's computer broke, I drove to Portland to buy him a new one, I shipped the computer, had an awesome conference with Gabe's teacher, had a bad conference with Eli's teacher, drove to California, went to a 50th anniversary party, unexpectedly stayed the night at the party (that was an adventure), hung out with family, drove to Tahoe, lived in paradise for 2.5 days, visited family, met up with a friend whom I haven't seen in just shy of 1000 years to celebrate her birthday, went on a date with my sister to get my oil changed, have breakfast and shop, saw my niece's musical, went to my other niece's 1st birthday shindigary, drove to Oregon, went shopping, Matt got his computer, drove on home, picked up my temporary nanny, convinced Sharp to give me a brand new TV, had dinner tonight before 6pm.

Family gathering at my sister's.  The Washington family meets up with the California family which requires lots of photos.  This is everyone waiting their turn for the photo shoot.  And on the left is my two grams.  Adorable.

The boys and Uncle Joe dancing the night away.

I want this house in North Lake Tahoe

But I probably can only afford this one.

Who cares where I live....this is where I'll spend my days.  (I think I'm going to get a giant print of this photo for my house).

Me and my no-longer-little-niece after her show.  And now my boys can't stop singing "somebody somebody somebody...is watching you"

My littlest niece snuggling with Eli at her first birthday party.

Voo Doo donuts...bribery to make the boys go shopping with me at the outlets.

Decisions decisions.  I-5 South back to Sacramento or I-5 North to Seattle.....

Apr 2, 2014

Plans Schlams

I had great plans for this week to be a smooth running, stress free week.
They flew out the window.
That stinks.

Instead of grocery shopping on Tuesday followed by Gabe making lasagna...we drove to Portland and bought a computer for Matt and had CPK for dinner.
Since we didn't have left over lasagna for dinner tonight,  I gave Gabe slices of salami and cheese in a ziplock baggie and a cupcake.

Instead of getting to bed early tonight....I spend 30 minutes entering in both of the boys' baseball schedules into my computer....for the second time because the cyber devil ate the stuff I already entered in.  That was awesome.

But other than things not working out how I planned....we did accomplish a lot this week, the boys have been amazingly flexible, none of my messes up plans caused any turmoil, and I actually did save money on my car insurance.
Apparently I was carrying a million dollars per person in insurance if someone died while in my car.  I'm telling you, my car was the place to die if ever there was one.  I knocked that down to a mere 350K, so if you are going to die in my car, now you might want to look into supplemental insurance.

Apr 1, 2014


When shipping items overseas you are required to fill out a customs form.  No problem right?  Wrong.
What if it is a gift?
Nothing spoils a gift that you worked so hard to wrap and package like listing the items enclosed right on the outside of the box.
What if you are shipping something you probably shouldn't?
Sometimes you simply need to ship things like jerky or coffee and you are willing to risk breaking all types of international law in order to do so?  You don't want to blatantly divulge that you are sending your friend K-cups right?

That pesky customs form was a part of my life for 2 years of Matt being stationed overseas and then 3 more years when we lived in Germany.
I learned to get creative.
I was sending a gift one time that was Starbucks Christmas Blend K-cups and a Starbucks ornament.  I indicated on the customs form that it was "holiday tea" and "Christmas embellishments".  The post office guy actually said to me "christmas embellishments?"  I said "yep".
I can't even remember half of the things I made up when filling out those forms.

So here I am preparing a package to be sent internationally and I'm pondering what in the world to write to covertly describe the contents.  It isn't illegal, and it isn't a surprise, but it is pretty valuable and I would like to avoid theft.
Here are some synonyms I found online: mainframe, microcomputer, mini, minicomputer, data processor, artificial intelligence, abacus, thinking machine, personal computer and micro.

I'm tempted to write "thinking machine" and see what happens.

What about "electronical media access device"?  Maybe they would see that and say "what the heck?"

I settled for "13" Monitor".
It absolutely has a 13" monitor, of course it is attached to a $1400 computer but that's not important.

Just for grins, I included a back scratcher and two books.
No one would steal a back scratcher, right?

Why in the world am I sending a computer internationally?  Upon his arrival to the great dusty place, Matt's laptop said "farewell" to the world of the living.
The insurance lady was trying to be kind when she told me our insurance didn't cover the computer death and so she politely suggested he just take the computer down to his local Apple Store for repair.
Uh mam....Apples don't grow in the desert.

I've never prayed over a package before but I am praying over this one!  Join me!
I'm praying nobody cares about my little brown box and that it arrives in supernatural speed.