Jun 3, 2014

Dust Bunnies on my Blog

Oh look here, I have a blog, and it is covered in dust.
My house is covered in dust too, and so is my car and most of my shoes.
Baseball season means I do not regularly: cook, dust, blog, brush my teeth, get to bed before midnight, vacuum, do any dishes that can't be put in the dishwasher or put away that stack of papers that have been sitting n the floor in the office for 6 weeks now.

Baseball season with two kids playing and only 1/2 of the parental unit of Team Hernandai present means things get left undone.
Bills get paid...as long as my phone is charged and I can pay them on my phone.
Kids get fed...something.
Everyone gets a shower...usually.
And smiles abound.

This season has been particularly awesome for me to watch my eldest on the field.  He started the season watching strikes fly past the plate, afraid to swing, deep down hoping to get a walk or maybe even get hit.  Now this kid approaches the plate with confidence, he is a hitter!  It all started a few weeks ago, he had an awesome game.  He was facing a full count 2 outs and the boy got his first game hit.  His next at bat, he got a hit again, and at the bottom of the next inning my boy catches a fly ball to right field securing a 3rd out for his team. Since then he has got a hit every single game.

Last week I shared with the peeps over in FB world that E was lead off batter slamming a triple into the faces of our gigantasuarus opponent.  It was awesome.
Then he was in the hole (hey I just learned this term for "catcher") for two innings and worked hard.  Really hard.  The second inning was 47 minutes.  If you are unfamiliar with Little League Baseball, that means someone is getting the poopy beat out of them.  E was in the hole working HARD for a full 47 minutes.  Try squatting and then erupting into a dive for a ball for 47 minutes.  Excellent workout.  Shameful scoreboard.
We lost that game something like 25-2.  But E was so happy.  He got to catch for 2 innings, he did his best, he hit a triple, and he cheered on his team as they continually got beat down.

The season has been horrible for the team, but E has been so awesome.  His sportsmanship is unbelievable he has made a few big errors in games and yet when I ask him "did you have fun?" He has a huge smile on his face and says "yes".  He is getting hits, maybe not big hits but singles, and that counts.  He is doing so much better playing catcher and he has recently moved on over to 2nd base now and then.  The team is losing, but individually he is winning big.  His skills, confidence and comprehension of the game has grown tremendously.

By this time in the season I am so ready to unload the lawn chairs, blankets, layers of hoodies and raincoats and snack bags from my van's dirty cargo area, but this year I made the decision to allow E to keep playing just a bit longer in post-season tournements.  Am I tired of being at the ball field 2-3 hours a night?  Yes.  Am I tired of seeing this kid play?  A little.  But when I asked E if he was interested in post season he said "yes!".  I asked why? and he replied "because its baseball".

Clearly, reason enough.  He has reached the point where he just loves the game so much that he doesn't care if the team win or loses, he loves playing, growing and learning and for that I shall reward him with 2 extra weeks of baseball....even if it kills me.

***Update*** Just got a call.  Not enough players want to play in the post-season TOC (the team E wanted on).  A coach wanted to take E to the District Tourny but that is a month more of baseball practice and games that run in to our July travel plans so I had to pass.  Boo. After all that....our season will in fact come to an end next week. =(