May 4, 2011

Wednesday is the day three of my friends gather at one of our homes to drink coffee, eat some delicious (usually homemade) breakfasty yumminess, and participate in a bible study. We have done a few different bible studies using a DVD and study guide, we freelanced through the minor prophets, dabbled a little in Revelation, and recently started reading a book by Timothy Keller called King's Cross. Keller also wrote Reason for God and some other best sellers that I have heard are wonderful.
We decided on King's Cross because it is a look at Jesus' life based on the book of Mark. In the book, Keller leads the reader through detailed explanation of the gospel of Mark. We are on chapter 4 and while that is too early to throw out a review, it is so great so far that I must share. Keller is a great writer and his insight coupled with his literary skills make for a very enjoyable and enlightening read. If you are looking for a new book, check this one out.
Today Gabriel got in trouble at school. Tuesday Gabriel got in trouble at school but that isn't the point. Yesterday Gabriel apparently climbed across a table, touched a friend's snack, and refused to do his schoolwork. You could blame his parents, but at this point I would like to blame it on the fact that he hasn't been in school for over a week and seemed to forget how to act there. Or maybe just blame his parents. So, today when I picked him up I gave him the look that asks "how was today?" and he gave me the look that said "not good mom". When I asked him what happened he said "I was messing around in line." I sighed a great huff of disappointment and then he continued "but mom, I didn't climb on the table".
Small victories? The teacher told me he keeps making a scrunched up mad face at her sometimes accompanied by a grunt. Unfortunately, after she told me all the things he did wrong today the only thing that came to my mind was "well, at least he didn't climb on the table". Thankfully, I had a little self-edit going on and I didn't actually say those words.
Today is also the day that I don't go to the gym. And that makes today wonderful.

May 3, 2011


When my mom was not particularly fond of my actions or when she really wanted to get my attention she would holler at me "Clarissa Dawn!". It's a mother's way of saying "I really mean business." Both of my boys, and my husband, have been on the receiving end of me using their first and middle names. First and middle name usage is serious, first, middle and last name....serious trouble. Avoid that at all costs.
As it turns out we live right next door to a Gabriel. This is slightly problematic when I'm trying to call my Gabriel in. Both Gabriels stop and look and sometimes say "me?" So as to prevent confusion, and not lose power of the first name, middle name mother-call, my neighbor and I both call our kids by their first and last name".
It sounds funny. I just heard my neighbor call her son and chuckled. It isn't laugh out loud on the floor funny, but it is just a little funny that I call my son by his first and last name. Like I'm the nurse at the Doctor's office calling the next patient, or handing out an award at school. It sounds very official.
"Gabriel Hernandez can you please pick up the hose and bring it in?"
It is odd. Admit it. If you don't believe me try this: next time you call your child in from playing outside or ask her/him if he/she wants mustard with his/her hotdog use the first and last name.
"Gabriel Hernandez would you like fries with your burger?"