Sep 12, 2019

I saw this bag of tortilla chips on the counter and got super excited to make nachos for a snack.

Then I opened the bag, poured out the contents and found this....

What kind of evil human does this?
Instead of being the base for a delicious pile of cheesy goodness, 
these crumbs might pass as a salad topper - and when your tastebuds are jonesin' for nachos,
you don't settle for salad with some chip crumbs thrown on top.
I shall find out what horrible child did this and then leave an ice cream container in the freezer containing just enough ice cream for a teaspoon.

Sep 11, 2019


On the eve of this 18th anniversary, tears still fill my eyes as I remember that day and the weeks that followed.  The images burned into my memory forever, the lives changed, the loss immeasurable.

Sep 10, 2019

A Spark

Every wildfire that has ever consumed so much as a blade of grass began with a spark.  Grass in and of itself cannot suddenly combust it requires a cigarette tossed aside, a firework fired into a field, a strike of lightening, a faulty wire.   Forests, homes, fields, engines...everything requires a catalyst to catch fire. 

Recently, I heard a podcast that didn't mean anything to me in the moment, but in the days and weeks that followed, the message has grown into something that might just become my anthem for this year.   

I am a spark.

My contribution might be small, like those little embers that float away in a beach campfire, but it only takes a spark to ignite.

The greatness of the fire depends on more factors: dryness of the material,  flammability of the material, wind and other factors that I don't even know about because I'm not an expert on fire.  But I do know that no matter how ready any material is to burn, it still takes a spark. Even the tiniest spark when, coupled with the right environment, has the power to ignite a powerful blaze.

I might just be a little spark in the lives of my students, but it takes a spark.  And something else, or someone else, might be the wind that blows that spark into fiery flames. 

When I feel like I'm getting nowhere with my students, when it seems like what I do can't really make a difference, I need to remember that I might just be a spark.  And that is still something.

Aug 25, 2019

10 Wake-ups

Today as I was loading up my Amazon cart with school supplies, I suddenly realized that there are only 10 wake-ups until my oldest son officially begins his Senior year of high school AND Freshman year of college.

My breath caught.
My eyes glistenened.
How can it be?
It happened too fast.

There are so many questions that fill my mind:
Did I teach him enough?
Did I prepare him for adulting?
What do I need to teach him in this next year?
Will he make it in the big world?
Will he be happy?
Will he come home to visit?

I could focus on all that.  But instead I started shopping for a pair of shoes.
See, that is the beauty of Amazon shopping.
When your cart gets you down, you can just skip on over to the leather mules "aisle" and perk yourself right up again.