May 9, 2014

What Makes your Heart Stop?

Today in the car G told me he gets a funny feeling, like his heart stops and tells him he needs to talk to old people.
I was quiet, allowing him the opportunity to explain himself without me probing.
He did.
He went on to say when he sees and old person he feels like he should go talk to them because they might be lonely and probably want to talk to him.

The sweetness of that little guy amazes me sometimes.

Oh that we could all have the guts of a little boy to listen to the heart, when it stops us and tells us we need to reach out and touch someone's life.

How much will it impact someone when we take a moment to care?

At a recent 50th wedding anniversary party we attended, Gabe decided to work the room.  I think he chatted with and danced with every woman over 60.  He had a blast and so many ladies came up to me to tell me how sweet he was in conversation and with his silly dance moves.

He may not always stop and chat with old people, but I do truly hope he always stops and listens when his heart tells him to do something.