Sep 30, 2007

RTE 123

My van has a fancy little warning light that tells me if my tires are low. What a great feature! I don't even have to kick the tires before I head off on a road trip because the car will tell me if I need to get air.
Once in Clarksville, I was driving along and suddenly I noticed my low air pressure light on. I did what I knew best. I whipped out the cell phone and called Mika. At the time she was 7 months pregnant, it was 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity, but she still came to my rescue. I don't know how to put air in my tires, so she was coming to help. Turns out, I had a nail in the tire and ended up taking the van across the street to a tire shop for a speedy repair. That was the last time, and only time, my cute little tire light worked properly.
Enter - route 123. Route 123 or Ox Road is a road I travel on often. It is nearly a straight shot from my house to the church - and a road I travel on at least twice a week. At least half of the time that I am driving on rte 123 my tire light comes on. Never on Fairfax County Parkway, I-66, I-95, or any of the other roads that I travel on, only rte 123. What is the deal? Is there some weird gravitational anomaly on that road that confuses my tire light?
One time it was snowing and I was on my way to church, halfway down the road I see the tire light. This is not good. I was wearing heals and had no gloves, umbrella, or any other snow related items. I pulled over, looked at the tires and they looked fine. Now my feet were freezing, I was soaking wet, and my tires were fine. A few miles down the road I noticed the light turn off.
One day this summer my tire was so low that a kind passerby got my attention at a light and alerted me that I needed to pull over. Sure enough, my tire was really low, and wouldn't you know it, my tire light was dark as could be. But I was on Prince William County Parkway, NOT rte 123.
Once or twice would be a fluke but regularly? That is a mystery. Now I just think of the light as a friendly reminder that I have tires and leave the condition of my tires up to random strangers

Sep 26, 2007

Gabriel Turns 3

Gabriel turned 3 on Monday! Every time I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, what he wanted on his cake, where he wanted to eat for his dinner, or what he wanted to do for his special day he answered "you choose". I would have rather him answer with something next to impossible than give me no ideas at all. In the end I don't think it would have mattered what we did or what type of cake he had, he was just so happy to have his cake, open his presents and PLAY!
He was blessed with so many really fun and great gifts from family and friends. Thank you to all that send cards, gifts, or called we really appreciate you being a part of his celebration even though you couldn't be here in person.
Gabriel is finally interested in telling people his name . . . "Gabriel Hernan" . . well he almost got it right!

Sep 21, 2007

Off to school.

This month I sent both of my boys off to school. Eli goes to full day Kindergarten all week and Gabriel is in Preschool two days a week for four hours a day. I thought this was going to free up some of my time and make completing chores and running errands easier. It did free up some time but then I quickly filled that time up with other things and now I am busier than ever. How did that happen?
Eli loves school - really loves it and is learning so much already. I'm so happy for him. He likes his friends, teacher, and I think he really likes just being on his doing new things.
Gabriel likes school too. He isn't nearly as excited about it as Eli though. I'm glad he is only in class two days a week for now. The biggest thing Gabriel is learning is how to sit in one place for an extended period of time.
I'm looking forward to working in the boys' classrooms, accompanying them on field trips and all of the other fun stuff that comes with school.

Here we go!

I am formally launching our family blog this weekend! I wanted our own website but - one thing led to another and we decided to blog instead. It's free and easy which suits my budget and schedule.
It seems as though every possible blog name that remotely related to our family's blog was taken so I did what came natural and switched it up to Spanish. "Como se dice?" translates to "how do you say . . .? "
My plan is to keep this thing as current as possible giving you a window into our lives. I'll try and post weekly, we'll see how long that lasts. If you want to post a comment you will have to create an account and sign in, but you can peruse the blog as much as you want without doing either.
Check back often and enjoy the view!