Jul 22, 2012

Moving On

Sitting at 30,000 feet it suddenly hits me all over again... life as I knew it, is no longer. Moving is part of my life, it's what we do every three years and for the most part, I love it. As I am flying or driving toward my new destination my thoughts are usually filled with excitement about what adventures our new home will bring. A little fear often wells up when I think about friends I'm leaving and I wonder if I will meet anyone to fill those roles. Then I quickly recall that I have found at least one good friend everywhere we have ever lived and surely I will again. Sometimes I worry about finding a house, but I have lived in just about every type of abode and managed to make it a home, so those thoughts pass quickly too. The excitement typically outweighs the anxiety and the feeling of loss subsides about the same time as I reach my destination. But this time is different, its much more difficult. Matt says that I say that every time, I think he might be right. I distinctly remember thinking nothing could be better than our life in VA! This move is more difficult than the last, and the last one was more difficult than the time before. Is it because I am getting less adventurous? More settled? Less interested in moving? I don't think so. I think it is because life simply just keeps getting better and better. Unfortunately, that makes closing each chapter of my life's book more and more difficult. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Jul 9, 2012

Sneaky Sneaky

Yesterday I sneaked in a little trip to France.  Many times the way I decide where to travel is by the number of times I hear the name of a city.  The big ones were obvious: Rome, Florence, Paris, London...  But the ones that always peak my interest and cause me to eavesdrop on someone's conversation is the ones that I had not heard of before.  Cinque Terre?  Had no idea what that was until people here said the name followed by a deep sigh.  The sigh was the deal sealer, and I knew I had to go.  One of the other places I keep hearing is Colmar, France.  It is a little town about 2 hours from here but it wasn't high enough on my priority list to go.
Since we have nothing in the house right now except for four lawn chairs, my computer, air mattresses and some linens, I decided a drive to Colmar seemed like a good Sunday activity.
Matt didn't agree.
So he decided to go golfing and I went to Colmar with girlfriends.  It turned out to be a genius plan.  So me and four other spontaneous ladies hopped in the van on a very rainy Sunday morning and hoped that the weather would clear.  It did.  Not only did it not rain, but it was hot!
We enjoyed our time in Colmar because we were all there in Colmar, but it turns out that the city itself is really not as spectacular as some people tout it to be.  After a few hours of shopping and eating, by the way I had the best creme brulee ever made, we hopped back in the van and decided to take the Route du Vin home.  That is basically the scenic route to Alsace wine country.  There were some amazingly beautiful views, some adorable towns, and fun adventure in trying to follow the brown signs to stay on the wine route.  We stopped at the last town on our route, Ribeauville, and our breath was taken away.  This town turned out to be even more picturesque than Colmar.  We walked around for a few hours and then made our way to the autobahn and headed home.
It was a such a sweet blessing to spend the day with some girlfriends.  It was simply a bonus that the weather was perfect and we stumbled across even more beauty than expected.

Jul 4, 2012


The packers are coming tomorrow and Friday to box, wrap, and load 8,000 pounds of our worldly possessions.  The reality of our departure here is set in.  This is it.
Packing day is a relief and stressful all in one.  It is a relief because all the prep work is over and now all I have to do is sit back and watch.  Which brings me to the stressful part -  watching random strangers pack my stuff is nerve wracking.  Are they packing it right?  Is it going to break?  What if the whole box gets lost?  What if the crate gets lost?  What if the entire ship holding all my stuff sinks in the middle of the Atlantic?

Jul 2, 2012

Farewell: Round 5

The Ladies.
The time finally came to say goodbye to the ladies that I have been meeting with for almost 3 years.  They are dear friends who offer wise counsel, laughter, and great company.  Although I hope our paths will cross again and I know we'll keep in touch as much as possible, the time that we had to be fully invested in each other's lives, to share the daily little things and the big things, has come to an end.
I'll be on the same flight at Allison so our final goodbye will be in Baltimore and my family may have a chance to see Angela again before we move, but yesterday was the last day that us ladies were together with the purpose to just be together.
Our plan was to meet up, have lunch and then linger.  Although we all had new travel adventures to share, and exciting news about various future plans, the mood was gray and the laughter just wasn't there as usual.  I was on the verge of crying the entire time and couldn't help but think about the fact that this was it, our last time sharing a meal together here in Germany.
As always, our time together ended with some prayers for each other.  Cue tears and ugly cry face. We are all abundantly thankful for the time we had together and I will treasure these days we shared always.