May 22, 2008

Chicken Sandwich Update

Ever since the Great Chicken Sandwich discussion of 2008 I have had three offers to buy me my first chicken sandwich!
This week the opportunity finally came for me to swing through the drive through and see what all the fuss is about.
Since Chick-Fil-A gets rave reviews and its founder, Truett Cathy, is the proclaimed inventor of the "breast of chicken sandwich" it seamed like the only logical place to try my first sandwich. I ordered the original chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun. The sandwich consisted of a breaded chicken breast and 5 pickles placed on a bun. Honestly, it looked pretty gross. I couldn't bring myself to eat it just like that, so I added some Jack Daniels Spicy BBQ sauce to it when I got home. Is that breaking the rules?
I have to say the chicken was quite tasty, even without the BBQ sauce. It was seasoned and breaded very well. I expected a big fat slab of chicken breast, but this was nice and thin - very manageable. The sandwich was good, but I wouldn't say overwhelmingly good. Maybe if there was more too it in the condiment/fixin department it would have been more spectacular.
I'm sorry to say, I still don't really get the concept. I would have rather just had the chicken on a plate and used some old fashioned utensils to cut it up and eat it.

May 20, 2008

Crushing Blow

Last night I delivered a crushing blow to Eli's heart. I was talking to Maddy, our babysitter, about her payment when Eli politely interrupted. He said "mom, why would you need to give Miss Maddy money?".
I looked over at Maddy and we were both a little sad. Up until this moment, Eli thought Maddy came over just because she liked to hang out with him.

The Small Things

Last night at bible study we were talking about how people get through difficult times. Many of our friends have circles of friends and family that are suffering great loss right now. Someone mentioned "enjoying the small things" as a way to brighten your day when things are so dark and seem hopeless. The discussion got me thinking about these "small things".
What if the "small things" are really not that small at all? What if life is actually about the small things?
I have had some big things happen in my 30+ years, but it is the "small things" that collectively take up more space in my mind than the big things. The small things are only small because we have them. If they were gone, they would suddenly turn to something big.
I praise God for my small things. For health, wealth (maybe not by the world's standards), friends who love me dearly, for the opportunity that God gives me to touch other people's lives for the better, for Gabriel's infectious giggle, for Eli's sweet sweet spirit, for Matt's job, for the foundation my parents gave me and for so much more.
If I put more weight in the small thing, maybe the big ones wouldn't seem so big.

May 18, 2008

My Name is Clarissa and I have never eaten a Chicken Sandwich . . .

It is true. Although my friends claim that I merely had a lapse in memory, I can honestly say I have never eaten a chicken sandwich. During dinner the other night, the subject came up that I haven't eaten at Chick Fil A. Apparently that was shocking - but not nearly as shocking as the fact that I haven't had a chicken sandwich. Our friend Wesley tried to explain to me in every possible way what a chicken sandwich was just to make sure I knew what I was talking about. "A chicken breast between two pieces of bread?" "Fried chicken on a bun?" "From McDonalds?" "At a friend's house?" I seriously felt like Sam I am. I haven't eaten a chicken sandwich in a boat, not with a goat, not in the rain or on a train, I haven't eaten one!
Peer pressure worked. I feel somewhat less of a person without sharing this great American meal. My plan is to try out a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich sometime this week. I'll let you know how it goes.

May 13, 2008

Mio goes on a field trip!

Mio has suffered a "fatal error" and left me confused at crossroads for the last time. She is going back to her maker. Picking new random addresses to bring me to, taking a nap in the middle of a route, and leading me down roads never yet traveled was all too much to handle.
I wish her safe travels and a painless dismantlement. Hopefully, the replacement will be a little more diligent about leading me on my journeys.
Rest in Peace Mio 52616460004, Rest in Peace.

May 9, 2008

Huggies vs. Pampers The Great Debate

Recent research (performed by my niece Makenna) suggests that Huggies absorb more water than Pampers by nearly 50%. Sure, commercials have said that for years but I didn't really believe them. As it turns out the polymers (the water absorbing particles) in Huggies absorb 51 teaspoons of water to the 25 teaspoons absorbed by the same amount polymers in Pampers.
This information may have been more helpful to me when my kids were actually in diapers but I thought I would pass on my niece's findings to you.
Congratulations Makenna for your great research!

May 4, 2008

For your viewing pleasure:

Due do the traumatic movie event that took place last night, I decided I should save my faithful blog readers from watching bad movies and start posting reviews of recent movies I have watched. My rating scale has nothing to do with stars, thumbs or tomatoes. I'm talking about real language that will be understandable to my readers. I hope you find my reviews insightful and accurate.
Charlie Wilson's War - Watch While Doing Dishes or Laundry
This movie is based on a true story, so there is a bit of historical knowledge to be gained but it isn't incredibly entertaining. You will get the most out of this movie if you multi-task while watching it.
The Kite Runner - Watch Without Interruption
I loved this movie. It was a little sad and difficult to watch at some points but it was a really well made movie. There are little gems in the dialog that you won't want to miss and some powerful examples of love and faithfulness that will bring you to tears. This is the type of movie you don't feel warm and fuzzy about after watching it but you can't help but want to talk about it.
The Savages - Watch With Your Eyes Closed
Don't watch this movie. Save your money. You are better off watching old reruns of The Cosby Show.
27 Dresses - Watch With a Girlfriend/Watch after a tough Week.
Total chic flick. Your husband will not enjoy or endure this one. The movie is a little funny. Romantic comedy would be an accurate description of this light hearted movie. The acting is good, the story is not entirely new but still enjoyable, and the movie leaves you feeling good.

Lead Astray

I often find myself checking out to read reviews about movies both in theaters and available for rent. I like this site because it shows reviews and ratings from both professional critics and real movie watchers such as myself. The site is a great source of information and I trust the information it provides . . .up until yesterday when it lead me seriously astray.
Last night I invited a friend over for "movie night". We put the kids to bed, made home-made popcorn, and pretended we actually had the night off. Movie night doesn't happen that often so when it does, I really want to watch a great movie. This is the night where girlfriends watch movies that their husbands wouldn't appreciate. At movie night, I want to cry, laugh, or better yet do both!
Last night I rented The Savages and it was quite possibly the worse movie I have ever watched in my life. There have been movies that I didn't like before but nothing quite so pointless and irritating as this flick. Runners up on my bad movie list would be Stranger than Fiction and Lost in Translation, but The Savages is actually way out ahead of these titles when it comes to a really bad movie. I didn't laugh, I didn't cry, I didn't want to continue watching this waste of some poor investor's money.
Savages received a 90% ripe tomato rating while Kite Runner, an incredible movie I recently watched only scored a 67%. Kite Runner was packed with a moving story line, great dialogs, and life changing lessons. According to Rotten Tomatoes the cons
ensus for The Savages was "A brilliantly constructed family drama with superb performances." The truth is it was a horribly written movie with no real point, no great lovable characters, and huge waste of time. In short, don't go see this movie.