Jun 9, 2017

I did not succumb to the great illness of 2017.
It was pointed out to me that my last post on here alluded to the fact that I may not pull through, however I did fully recover and returned to the land of the living.
My apologies to those who were waiting for an invitation to my memorial service.
I'm alive and I'm doing quite well!

It is Friday, so that is a good thing, and my vehicle is clean.
This is a big deal.
Every year baseball season threatens to completely destroy my vehicle. This baseball season was the rainiest season since that time Noah's mockers were trying to launch their Drought League at the same time that God rained down his fury in the great flood. This made things particularly rough for my poor truck-van.  After one particularly ridiculous game we threw the easy-up awning and all the umbrellas, raincoats, and other gear in the cargo area, and by the time we got home an actual lake formed in the back from all the water dripping off the gear.  It was rough.  Between muddy feet, turf beads, and random acts of snack spillage, the vehicle looked 6 years old instead of 6 months.  Today the sun was shining (for a few minutes) and I took advantage of the moment to pull out all the Washington Floormats (rubber ones built to catch all the water), vacuum TWICE, and then cleanse all the plastic and leather surfaces.  I'm so pleased to announce, it appears the Toyota beat Baseball this season!  I am victorious.

Today is also a fabulous day because G is making dinner.  This isn't a new thing.  He typically makes dinner three times a week.  I am particularly excited about him cooking tonight because he is using one of our HelloFresh meals.  I wish I were getting paid by the afore mentioned company to tell you how pleased I am with it, but I'm not.  I'm sharing this good news for free. Hello Fresh is a grocery delivery program that has revolutionized my life.  We pick three meals for four people and have them delivered on Mondays.  Each meal comes with almost everything you need to cook it and fabulous instructions that include pictures.  If you are still stumped, you can log on to their app and watch little videos.  It is true that if you break down the per person cost for the delivery it is dramatically more expensive than if I went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients, however, the cost is totally worth it for me because: Gabe cooks all the Hello Fresh meals and we try new recipes every time which broadens our palates.  It is a win for everyone except our bank account.  I am so happy that I don't have to worry about meals 3 days a week and I'm raising a dude that will be confident in the kitchen.

Lastly, today is a good day because we are a mere 7 days from the end of the school year and my kids have rocked it.  There were days, oh there were DAYS, but in the end they have pulled it all together and Team H is almost ready to pack away another school year.

We are blessed in the good times and bad, today just happens to be a good one.

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